Evidence-based health informatics

Via this tweet  I came across this piece on Evidence Based Health Informatics.

What this reminds me of most is not so much Evidence-Based Medicine as Best Evidence Medical Education. It is interesting to read the author observe that in the 1990s there was much clinician resistance to evidence based medicine – now, while practice may vary, there is very little of that kind of resistance openly expressed. Education (not only of the medical kind) is also prone to extremes of apocalytpic (in the original sense of “unveiling”) utopianism and disappointing reality, and is also a field where rather dogmatic opinions can be expressed despite the existence of a strong and healthy evidence base.

The Guide to Health Informatics 3rd Edition

Have we reached peak e-health yet?

Anyone who works in the e-health space lives in two contradictory universes.

The first universe is that of our exciting digital health future. This shiny gadget-laden paradise sees technology in harmony with the health system, which has become adaptive, personal, and effective. Diseases tumble under the onslaught of big data and miracle smart watches. Government, industry, clinicians and people off the street hold hands around the bonfire of innovation. Teeth are unfeasibly white wherever you look.

The second universe is Dickensian. It is the doomy world in which clinicians hide in shadows, forced to use clearly dysfunctional IT systems. Electronic health records take forever to use, and don’t fit clinical work practice. Health providers hide behind burning barricades when the clinicians revolt. Government bureaucrats in crisp suits dissemble in velvet-lined rooms, softly explaining the latest cost overrun, delay, or security breach. Our personal health…

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