Filter It. Reviews of “Take Me To The Source” by Rupert Wright and “The Blue Death” by Robert D Morris, TLS, 17/10/08

I have previously posted the submitted text of this review on A Medical Education, but this is the published text (courtesy of Maren Meinhardt of the TLS)

Séamus Sweeney

previously posted my submitted text of this reviews but, thanks again to Maren Meinhardt, I am herein re-posting the actual published text.


Rupert Wright TAKE ME TO THE SOURCE In search of water 276pp. Harvill Secker. £12.99.

978 1 84655 071 3

Robert D. Morris THE BLUE DEATH Disease, disaster, and the water we drink 310pp. Oneworld Publications. £16.99 (US $14.95).

978 1 85168 575 2

Thales of Miletus (c636-c546 bc), perhaps the earliest identifiable philosopher and scientist, held that “everything is water”. That this was the first philosophical and first scientific statement is no accident; water is central to human existence.

In the West, however, the words of Jake Gittes in Chinatown are apt – “I turned on the faucet, it came out hot and cold, I didn’t think there was a thing to it”. Rupert Wright, who has previously written books about life in the Languedoc region, begins his…

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