From “Correction”, Thomas Bernhard (trans. Sarah Wilkins)

A very typical example of Bernhard’s style, which I find compulsive. I have a feeling Bernhard would have despised me saying this, but I have found his dyspeptic, nihilistic works … quite life-affirming. Go figure. I also found “Correction” an excellent book to read before bed, because (I think) it forces a kind of focused attention. Someday I may try to empirically study this phenomenon….

Séamus Sweeney

What a terrible situation I’ve let myself in for by accepting Hoeller’s invitation and moving into Hoeller’s garret, I thought. I looked down at Hoeller’s workshop windows and I thought, there he is working away on and on because he can’t sleep, and then I thought that he must be thinking that I can’t sleep either, which is why I keep pacing the floor of the garret. People are always having to face things that upset and disturb them, mostly it’s at the very moment when they suppose themselves to be at peace, that they’re catapulted into turmoil, when they feel well balanced, they’re thrown out of balance. All we ever have is an illusion of peace, because at the very moment at which peace could enter into us, could could could, I say, we’re right back in the worst turmoil. So Hoeller down there in his workshop, his…

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