No off-switch – review of “The Man Who Couldn’t Stop” by David Adam. TLS 16 July 2014

As this book review has a medical theme I am reblogging it here …

Séamus Sweeney

Although this is explicitly not a self-help book, perhaps the highest praise I can give is that I regularly recommend this in clinical practice and have had very positive feedback in this context (although I once wrote the title as  “The Man Who Wasn’t There” which did confuse things ) – and not only when obsessions are the main issue. Adam’s explanation of dimensional versus categorical approaches to diagnosis, as well as his nuanced but clear account of what obsessions actually are and the potential and limits of psychiatry, render this a book which really everyone could profit from reading. This is an example of what I could call a reverse Oxford Murders effect – I would give this a more positive review now. It is also an example of a review which, while I think reasonably well written, I was trying too hard to summarise as much content as…

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