Deer ears – more on forest bathing

Continuing my exploration of “forest bathing”, which I am not as sceptical about as my prior post may have indicated. Or rather, my scepticism is in its proper place. Here I write about a particular sensory-enhancement technique that is absurdly simple and yet very effective….

Séamus Sweeney

My post on forest bathing on A Medical Education may have seemed a little sceptical in tone. That’s because it was in terms of the claims made for forest bathing as a therapy – as any initial response to a claimed novel therapy should be. The tone, however, hopefully didn’t conceal the interest and indeed enthusiasm I have in this activity.

One online resource which has a wealth of information on the practice. If you sign up at their site they send a starter email, including a link to a PDF of 10 “starter nature connection invitations.”

They are all interesting and, in my personal experience, quite effective tools for approaching the natural environment (and applicable beyond the forest – I used some on a trip to Slievenamon.

It would be wrong to reproduce the 10 moments here – the reader can go to the effort of signing…

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